Abstracts Submission

The QSAR workshop's main aim is to give you the possibility to present your work and your results to the other participants, which come from several communities (industry, regulators, developers, etc.). Through the publication of the abstracts in this website and in the abstract book (distributed to the participants), you will also reach this broad community.

The programme (talks and posters) will be based on your contribution! We invite you to submit abstracts of scientific communications (either for oral talks or posters) that will be reviewed for their acceptance.

Only one oral presentation per participant will be allowed. However participants are encouraged to submit poster presentations.

Please keep the deadline for the abstract submission.

Submission Guidelines

Formatting guidelines for the abstract submission are included in the abstract submission template.

Have a look at the workshop topics page, to see the main areas covered within QSAR 2014.

In order to make the abstract as informative as possible, please include a brief statement of the purpose of the study, the method used, the result observed, the conclusions. As a separate piece of information indicate the main workshop topics related to it.

Filled template must be sent to qsar2014@insilico.eu indicating preference for oral or poster presentation.


  • It is the author's responsibility to submit a correct abstract. Any errors in spelling, grammar or scientific facts will be reproduced as typed by the author.
  • It is acceptable to make corrections before the submission deadlines by sending the corrected abstract to the above mentioned e-mail address. However organizers encourage submission of abstracts as early as possible.

Copyright notice: In the light of new copyright laws, organizers want to emphasize that for all abstracts (including figures) included in the book of abstract organizers will not keep copyright on this material. Still it is advisable to use in the book of abstract different figures than the ones used to submit full articles for the proceedings or for the submission into any other peer reviewed scientific journal.

Abstract confirmation

Please remember that all abstracts will be reviewed for their possible acceptance. Abstracts not within the remit of the meeting, or of suitable quality, will be rejected. A limited number of abstracts will be invited to be presented as talks during sessions. The preference of oral and poster presentation should be indicated by applicants while sending abstract. The final decision on the format of presentation, however, will be made by the Organizing Committee, in collaboration with the International Steering Committee and/or with the Session Chairs.

Notification on acceptance of the abstract, form of their presentation and the day of presentation will be emailed to corresponding author e-mail within one month after the final submission deadline, with relevant instructions.

The presenting author of a selected abstract commits to attend the meeting and give presentation in the session at the time decided upon by the Organizers.


An abstract will not be included in the Scientific Programme and printed in the “Book of Abstracts” unless registration fee of the presenting author is received, by early registration deadline, or before printing of the “Book of Abstracts”. Should you, for any reason, not be able to register in time, please contact the Workshop organizers via e-mail qsar2014 [at] insilico.eu.

Best Oral & Poster Awards

PhD students can apply to the best oral and poster presentations award, sponsored by Taylor & Francis, which will consist in the refunding of the workshop registration fees.

For more information refer to the Awards section.