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Short courses

We will organize the following free short-courses (45 min) on:

Half-day courses

  • Course on QsarDBUko Maran - University of Tartu, Estonia
    Four hours course on Monday 16th morning

    This course is about making QSAR models transparent, reproducible and accessible. It is intended for all levels of QSAR practitioners. The course gives detailed insights and guidelines on how one can make her/his static published QSAR dynamic and interactive. A solution is demonstrated for the quantitative structure-activity relationship data organization and archival in an extensible format called the QSAR DataBank (QsarDB) and for the QsarDB repository, i.e. the collection of the QsarDB archives.

    Click here to download the complete programme of the course.
  • NanoQSAR Lang Tran - Institute of Occupational Medicine, UK
    Three hours course on Friday 20th afternoon

Info for participants

  • The courses will occur if there will be at least 10 registered participants.
  • The maximum number of participants to the courses is 20.
  • The participation will be assigned on a first-come basis, considering the payment of the registration to QSAR 2014.